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The Diary of

Hosea Stout

March 1858

Wednesday 3 March 1858. Myself and family are better and little Hosea is able to get out of bed and walk around a little.

Sunday 7 March 1858. Quorum meeting at my house at 2 p. m.Agreed to make a small donation for Prest Joseph Young such as butter, Eggs, groceries cheese ect ect.

Monday 8 March 1858. Col Kane accompanied by Egan, Rockwell, Hanks and several others of the "Be’hoys" left for the United States’ troops’ Camp to go by the up Weber Route
What the result of this mission will be I do not know of course.
A Report or rather an Express arrived to day from Salmon River fort that the Indians around there had become hostile and had attachd the brethren there killing two, Miller & McBride to young men and wounding some five others among the rest Thos S. Smith the Presidentbesides driving off their cattle & horses.The Indians were headed and set on by white men

Wednesday 10 March 1858. A Report came in town that Ben Simonds and a large company of Indians had banded and was about to take possession of Echo Kanyon to favor the coming in of the United States troops whereupon 50 men were raised and sent to Echo

Friday 12 March 1858. Attended City Council this evening where I was appointed City Water Master

Sunday 14 March 1858. South wind for several day past which went down last night and was succeeded by a heavy snow storm which untill 12 to dayThe snow is some six inches deep and the wind in the North which will endanger the fruit trees which are now leaving and budding, gardens are also in fine order my radishes lettuce tongue grass, pease &c are up.The consequences of a severe cold storm would be seriously injurious

Thursday 18 March 1858. Attended a general Council at the Historians office of the first Presidency, Twelve, and officers of the LegionThe object of which was to take into consideration the best plan of opperations to be adopted to counter act the purposes of our enemies, whether to attact them before they come near us or wait untill they come near, or whether it is yet best to fight at all only in unavoidable self defense or in case a large force is sent against us this spring whether to fight or burn our houses & destroy every thing in and around us and flee to the mountains & deserts &c &c &c
It appears that the course pursued hitherto by Gov Young in baffelling the oppressive purposes of Prest Buckhannan has redounded to the honor of Gov Young and the Saints and equally to the disgrace of the President & his cabinetMormonism is on the ascendancy and now what is the best policy to maintain that ascendency.If we whip out and use up the few troops at Bridger will not the excitement and sympathy which is now raising in our favor in the states, be turned against us.Whereas if we only anoy and impede their progress while we "Burn up" and flee, the folly, and meanness of the President will be the more apparrant and he and his measures more unpopular &cThis was about a fair statement of the subject matter in councilThere was no definite measures adoptedmany spoke on the subject and the council adjourned till 8th April at 2 p.m. at the Tabernacle.

Friday 19 March 1858. The Brethren who escorted Col Kane to Bridger came in this evening, bringing 9 mules "with lassos"After the Col had been in the enemies camp 5 days he came to our brethren who were in and around Muddy (for they did not go into camp with him) and made arraingements for them to come home and meet him at quaken asp grove on Wednesday or Thursday next to escort him in here.
He said he was kept close had to pay six dollars pr day for boardcan not see his friends who are in camp and so forth but did not say what progress he was making as to what he went there for.
Weather stormy yet which has continued since the 14thsnowing but warm.Dark low clouds full of snow.

Saturday 20 March 1858. Clear day snow melting fast weather looks settled.

Sunday 21 March 1858. Attended meeting at the Tabernacle which meeting was resolved into a special Conference for the transaction of business.
The subject matter was "fleeing to the" deserts and mountains.It was decided to send 500 families from this city immediately to be selected from among those who had never been driven from their homes and from that class to take the poorest and most helplessThis 500 was to be selected by the Bishops from the several wards
The plan of Emmigration being thus established in this city was to be an ensample other citis wards and settlements throughout the TerritoryNorth more particularlyThe precise destination was not made known as yet.
In the evening attended Ward meeting where the subject of Emmigration was taken up and named called for to EmmigrateThe brethren seemed some what loth to volunteer for which reason I gave my name to go in the first Company although I did not come in that class who were called uponHard snow storm from the west at dark.

Monday 22 March 1858. Capt Egan, Gen W. H. Kimball and several others started this morning to meet Col Kane at Quaken Asp Grove on Thursday according to previous appointment with himWarm pleasant day, snow melting

Wednesday 24 March 1858. The Expidition which went west in search of Indians returned to day not succeeding in capturing any Indians or recovering any stock
Attended a Bishops meeting to night Subject our removal hence.It is in contemplation to send for all the teams south to assist us in movingWe when moved will be distributed among the settlements south of this County and some new settle made one on Chicken Creek – South wind is blowing hard again & appearences bodes more falling weather

Sunday 28 March 1858. Gen W. H. Kimball returned to day.He met Kane at the place appointed & staid with him a day & a half but he returned to Bridger and appointed a future time for Gen Kimball to again meet him & accompany him in here
Teams are beginning to come and the people are moving south

Tuesday 30 March 1858. Attended Bishops meeting where arraingements were made to move the people at the rate of some 40 families a day

Wednesday 31 March 1858. 500 troops that is 400 foot and 100 Horse are being sent to Echo again to meet the emergency which may arise
Henry Allen marched this morning leaving to prepare and move without his aid.